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October 2012


Philip drove his car until Gold’s shop. He knew he would be there, he also knew he probably wasn’t strong enough to fight that much magic, but he didn’t care either. He couldn’t die. Gold could. Eventually he was going to kill him, even it takes weeks for him to being waking up from the dead and fighting again. He kick the door to his shop and throw a dagger close the the men’s head, he missed though. Didn’t make him happy. “I’ll give you one last chance to stop hunting Regina and Graham… Or else I promise you I’ll find a way to kill you. Gold.” He hissed.

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    "I get it… You have to protect what you love… And I have to do the same." He nodded as he continued to walk towards the...
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    "If I lose them, at least I know they’re safe," Gold said softly.